What parts of littleBits products aren't Open Source?


littleBits circuit designs are Open Source and made available pursuant to the CERN Open Hardware License Version 1.2. 

This means that we publish the design files for those modules right here on github. Sharing this stuff is really important to us because littleBits products are an educational tool. Since the circuit designs for our modules are available, anyone can learn how they work, right down to a circuit level.  This means that people can play with littleBits modules to learn basic circuits and then come back to them later in their education for a deeper understanding of electronics or engineering.  Our founder, Ayah Bdeir, was also one of the founders of the Open Hardware Summit, a major proponent of Open Source Hardware.

If you look on the bottom of any of our modules, you'll see the Open Source Hardware logo, signifying that our circuit designs are open source. Check out more information about this here.


What isn't Open Source? 

To be clear, other intellectual property rights such as design elements like fonts, white soldermask with purple silkscreen, logos, as well as the modular connection system (including the connectors and the connector system) are reserved by littleBits Electronics, Inc., and we have a number of issued patents and pending patent applications related to our proprietary magnetic connectors and our system of electrical circuits.

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