I'm having trouble connecting my codeBit to my computer


If you're having trouble connecting your codeBit to your computer, here are some things to check: 

  • Is your dongle plugged in? If not, plug it in!



  • Are you connected to your codeBit? Make sure the purple bar at the bottom of your app looks like this:



  • Are you connected to the CORRECT codeBit? The name of your CodeBit should light up in the connection panel of the app when you press the button on your codeBit.



  • Did you upload your code to your codeBit?
    Press the upload button to upload your code to your codeBit. Sometimes hitting Upload more than once can solve the problem.



  • Is your code running on the Bit?
    When code is running, the little red LED on the codeBit will light up. If it’s not lit up, try uploading your code again.



  • Does your circuit need to be refreshed?
    Try disconnecting and reconnecting the p3 power Bit from your circuit. Then, upload your code again. Does this fix the problem?



  • Does your App need to be refreshed?
    Save your code, close the app, restart the app, and upload your code again.



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